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chiropractic adjustment

Chiropractic adjustments

There are many reasons why a patient may seek a chiropractic adjustment. These include poor range of motion, neck pain, lower back pain, or other joint injuries. Dr. Cameron Current is an experienced chiropractor in West Jefferson, NC, and is passionate about healing conditions or injuries without the need for medication. 

Seeing a chiropractor can be beneficial as they can assess you from the very beginning and formulate a treatment schedule to ease your symptoms as your body heals.

If you'd like to know more about creating a treatment plan for your condition or injury, give Current Chiropractic a call at 336-846-5651.

Manual spinal adjustments

When you first visit Dr. Current, we'll look into your medical history and anything that could make your symptoms worse. We'll evaluate your goals, treatment plan, pain, and strength before starting treatment. 

Manual chiropractic adjustments involve adjustments of the spine and neck using a hands-on technique. These can help to lessen pain, loosen joints, and improve your range of motion. 

Manual adjustments can also be beneficial in reviving muscles and tissues and improving blood circulation. 

Low-force spinal adjustments

A common technique in chiropractic adjustments is to use controlled and sudden force to adjust the spine and neck manually. Low-force spinal adjustments involve slowly assessing the muscles and joints under the skin to determine the minimum force necessary to make the adjustment.

Low-force techniques can also include soft tissue methods involving gently contracting the target muscle for short bursts of time or myofascial release, which can improve blood and lymphatic circulation. 

Low-force spinal adjustments are especially beneficial to those who have recently suffered trauma (such as during an accident) or for particularly sensitive patients. 

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Current Chiropractic is the oldest family owned office in Northwest North Carolina, dating back to 1959. Times have changed, but our mission has remained the same - to provide quality health care in order to eliminate sickness and disease in this community and the surrounding area. If you require a chiropractic adjustment or have more questions, get in touch with Dr. Current and the team at 336-846-5651.

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