Back Pain Treatments

Tired of suffering from back pain? Dr. Cameron Current and the team at Current Chiropractic in West Jefferson, NC, offer customized treatment plans to bring you the relief you desire.

Chiropractic Techniques for Back Pain Relief

Back pain isn’t easy to deal with – or easy to ignore. For many people, though, relief seems hopeless. They might rest, stretch, and use ice and heat therapy to no avail. They resign to using pain medication just to get through the day. Unfortunately, this does nothing but mask the symptoms for a short time.

Chiropractic care offers an alternative. It can help you enjoy the relief you seek without pain medication or invasive techniques. Learn below some of the methods that chiropractors like Dr. Current at Current Chiropractic in West Jefferson, NC, offer for back pain relief.

Low-Force Adjustments and Manipulation

Often, pain in the back is related to a misalignment in some way. Misalignment can put undue strain and pressure on the muscles, discs, nerves, and other components. Likewise, muscle tension can put undue strain on the bones and joints, leading to a misalignment. In both cases, low-force adjustments can help restore proper alignment and relieve pressure and strain.

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage is used for various types of pain. It is highly effective for relieving tension, restoring range of motion, improving blood flow, and stimulating the release of the body’s natural painkillers.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Though massage therapy is very beneficial, the trouble often lies in the deepest layers of tissue that can be difficult to reach. In such cases, therapeutic ultrasound can help. It utilizes sound waves to penetrate the deepest tissue layers to break up tension, stimulate healing, improve blood flow, and more.

Traction Therapy

From daily life to injuries, many factors can cause the spine to compress, which can impact the nerves, discs, and muscles. Traction therapy gently stretches the spine, which relieves this compression.

Custom Foot Orthotics

Sometimes, pain in the back is caused by an issue with the feet. Issues such as high or fallen arches or overpronation can impact a person’s gait. Some tissues having to overwork to compensate can cause tension to travel up to cause issues in the knees, hips, and lower back. When your back pain is caused by your feet, custom foot orthotics can help by providing the best cushion and support for your needs.

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